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    Medical Treatment Visas

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Medical Treatment Visas

Medical Treatment Visas

A Medical Treatment Visa may be issued for a maximum period of 6 months at a time to a foreign national intending to receive medical treatment in South Africa for longer than 3 months in the first instance.

The visa does not entitle the holder to conduct work and he/she may not change his/her status from within the country to another category of visa.

The application must be supported by, amongst others, a letter from the applicant’s medical practitioner or institution in South Africa confirming that there is space available at the medical institution, the estimated costs of the treatment, whether the disease or ailment is treatable or curable, the treatment schedule and the anticipated period of the medical treatment.

The applicant must be able to prove that he/she can pay for the medical treatment to be received and, where applicable, any hospital fees if he/she does not have a medical aid/insurance scheme or employer that will cover the costs.

The applicant must also prove that he/she has sufficient financial means to cover any ancillary costs for the duration of his/her stay in the country.

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