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    Retired Person Visas

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Retired Person Visas

Retired Person Visas

A Retired Person Visa may be issued to a foreign national who intends to retire in South Africa either seasonally or on a continuous basis, exceeding a period of 3 months, for up to 4 years at a time.

To qualify, amongst others, the foreign national must sufficiently prove that he/she has either the right to a pension or an irrevocable annuity or retirement account from his/her country of origin realising a value of not less than R37,000.00 per month for the rest of his/her life, or a combination of assets realising a value of or not less than R37,000.00 per month.

The visa holder may be authorised to conduct work in certain circumstances at the discretion of the Department of Home Affairs.

Dependant Visitor’s Visas may also be issued to the accompanying spouse or dependent child of the visa holder.

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